Ramona’s career path led her to an executive position with a well-known personnel firm. Her life was interrupted by a bout with cancer which she conquered by sheer determination and manifesting good health. Ramona credits her cancer experience with changing her style from hard-driving to leadership by having fun. With this new technique, her team achieved success beyond expectation. Ramona left her executive position to pursue her life purpose. She is using her proven techniques to help others achieve their greatness.

Ramona and Michael Mucciolo

After ten years as a CPA, Mike was meeting with one of his clients, the Chairman of a beverage company.  During the meting he noticed a plaque on the Chairman's desk.  It pictured a "negative" sign talking to a "plus" sign.  The negative sign said "You seem to get so much more out of life".  Mike began thinking about his background and began looking for a future with positive aspects that were previously transparent to him.  Without realizing, he started manifesting his desires and deliberately creating the things he wanted.  He took a top-level position with the beverage company, started to travel, and met his soul mate, Ramona.

Together, Ramona and Mike continue to manifest wonderful lives for themselves, and develop interesting perspectives on multicultural levels through their travel experiences.  Now they are giving back to the Universe by empowering, uplifting and sharing knowledge with others. Both are teachers and guides helping others create better lives for themselves through manifesting. Their mantra is "Get Happy - Stay Happy".
Since 2001 Ramona and Mike have facilitated retreats teaching the Law of Attraction in their home state of Michigan and in California. Some of their guest speakers have included Eddie Conner, Cynthia Richmond, Kala Ambrose, Marguerite Manning, Kute Blackson, and Candia Sanders. Michael maintains blogs of their meetings at Michigan Blog and California Blog.  The Mucciolos have been frequent guests on High Frequency Living with Eddie Conner on LA Talk Radio.  They have also appeared in Eddie Conner's DVD Living the High Frequency Life